Despite being a Homosapien, we didn’t renounce some of our primitive habits and thinking. Most of the time, we prefer being part of something big that unites us and makes us a pack.

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Fear of rejection

If you consider that fear of rejection is something unique to you, I can tell you that every being on earth will stumble upon that feeling in his life. It’s normal behavior to want to be part of something big as we’ve adapted to live in communities that provide shelter, security, and food, Thus, it guarantees our survival. …

Well, this is a subject that you’ve definitely encountered many times in your adult life. This phenomenon happens to both women and men, it is so common that almost everyone has experienced it once. But what exactly defines it? and how can we get out of it?

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As a Frenchman said, “The friend-zone is a psychological state that you put yourself in by behaving like a friend with a person who you like because you don’t have the courage to behave differently”. …

This fellow is one of the most important components that is involved in every decision we make and has guaranteed our survival throughout history yet it is not as it seems to be: The savior.

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If you know MBTI Myer Briggs Type Indicator”, you’ve definitely encountered an “N” letter at the second position of your personality test if you are intuitive or you’ve seen it in your test results. Otherwise, for those who don’t know it, it’s the gut feeling that drives you and enables you to make decisions whenever there is uncertainty. …

It has always been a difficult problem to solve nor understand, the fact that we keep collecting things and desiring more, then when we get what we wanted we suddenly feel overwhelmed, like if a burden added up and we can’t keep up with it if we continue with the current pace.

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If you never felt that, probably you’re already a minimalist or you weren’t aware of it, but believe me, everyone one of us have felt it or will feel it sometime in our life. …

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I am going to talk about a fact that we keep ignoring these days, it is the one fact that everyone complains about and thinks that it’s the reason of their failures. It is solitude.

Humans have always believed that being alone is a curse and a misfortune, it might be natural because, our instincts always pushes us to be in communities in order to survive and reproduce. As we know, communities will build great things and can preserve its race for generations.

But we never highlight the fact that being alone is required to build a strong personality, it is the blacksmith of your soul and the forger of your will. Being alone, means that you and only you who will face life obstacles and keep going, it implies that you’ll have to stand still when your surroundings are shaking and it definitely infers to learning the most valuable lessons that will leave a scar that can never be forgotten. …

I am going to tell a story about a pattern that i found while i was having lunch. Last Friday, i was presented with a problem which its solution is an xor sum of a table that contains consecutive numbers starting from zero.

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XOR Gate

Well back to the lunch timeline, i got an idea of grabbing a paper and start simulating the sum, but this time using the binary form. So i did, the first seven numbers didn’t look similar, but i wanted to continue until i reached eleven. What i noticed is that in fact there is a pattern. …

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

Arthur Schopenhauer

While I was busy making Kavprot and polishing Developer Studio and Fireweb Navigator I felt that something was missing. Representing various departments is difficult but I knew how to do it, I was mimicking the scheduling process of a CPU. Do multiple things at a time by splitting the work into small pieces and change the context whenever I feel it is required. This gave the public an impression that i have a team behind me, but it was all me.

Back to the subject, one day I watched a movie called Eagle Eye, and that was the moment I realized, a project like that is the ultimate goal. AI baby!!! I had no idea about what i was talking about, just something like ARIIA (Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst) which in my case Jane Aina. …

If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.

Louis D. Brandeis

There is a time when we desire to try something new, and I guess after trying so many things with the software, it is time to try to mix between the physical and virtual parts.

This was possible after I bought my second bike in 2013 and I wanted to design a system for it so I began exploring the embedded systems field. I always dreamt to design things like Jimmy Neutron did, I wanted to design my smartwatch, my lab… And I guess that this was my ultimate opportunity to prove that, so I started looking at ways to implement my personal smart bike system. …

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

Since i was a kid, i always wanted to see Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), i told myself when i get the money i will do it. It was a dream that i didn’t plan to go after it soon until i learned about Service Civil International (SCI) which is an international volunteering organisation that gives volunteers the opportunity to volunteer abroad. I was approved by the Seeds Iceland Photography and Aurora Hunting organisation since then a new adventure began.

It was a 3 weeks thing, i got the money to buy the flight ticket, cover visa fees, pocket money and the 350 euro for the camp fees (All of it was around 1800 euro). It was all of my savings, but i didn’t care not because i was careless on the contrary i told myself i would not live another life, its good to be careful and plan but sometimes you should let go in order to know your limits. Frankly, i needed to do that at that moment, after being heart broken several times, working and jogging and usual friends hangout nothing other than that, i needed to explore foreign cultures, go after one of my dreams and take the shot despite all the obstacles. …

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.

Mother Teresa

This was the first opportunity to work in a team, I was approached by one of my classmates in 2013, he told me that he knows a friend who wants to start his multiplayer community for GTA San Andreas and they want me to be part of it. Well, I said why not?

We made a website, talked about the project and its details and finally set the name of the server. Mactown Roleplay, the Pawn was initially developed by a French colleague, Baptise Carpentier, and I was exploring this new world. …


Arsslen Idadi

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