How leaders lead and arrogants boss

The title explains it all, it might look easy to become a leader or there are certain steps required to do so. But from what i understand, leadership is a character, developed with time and shaped with the personality of the person.

Leadership is like intelligence, it is not something that we are born with nor that is something that can be trained to do. It is the combination of various factors and our personality. Everything in this life needs work, but its always easier if you are following the current than against it. It is easy for someone to be rich if he is born in a wealthy family, but its not impossible for a poor man to become rich, the difference is the amount of work and factors you put in. The same thing applies for leadership, it is your hard work and character that forges it, it is something that inspires people to do the things that were thought to be impossible, its the trust they put in you throughout the journey.

I always say, “leadership is earned, not taken”, it is a title that shall be attributed to the worthy, it is not you who attribute it to yourself, its the environment that you lead that attributes it to you. Your reflection is your image, if you have a good reflection on people, you earn the leader title, if you have a bad one, you’ll earn the bossy title.

Leaders are people who have the power to inspire, help, decide and conquer but also they have the holy grail of the good character which is wisdom. A leader isolates his pack from bad vibes, takes the hit first, almost always goes first and helps the one in need in his pack. The leader values internal resources and tries to make them blossom, while bosses look always for the external ones. Leaders are driven by the global success while bosses are driven by the individual success and greed. A leader would sacrifice for the group while the boss will sacrifice the group for himself. A leader is both fire and water, he must be like a blade when necessary to stop the corruption of the pack and he must be patient and hopeful. A boss is like a fire with a never ending supply of oxygen and forest, it will always keep burning what’s around as long as its alive.

A leader will involve the pack in the common interest, the boss decides the common interest based on the individual desire. The difference is clear, yet not everyone acknowledges it.

Leadership is not bound to age, it is not limited to a context nor a domain, you can be a leader anywhere and anytime as long as you are open and have the right qualifications to do so.

A leader more powerful than a wealthy boss, one is strong and can inspire without stimuli, the other relies on stimuli to move people. One can never be shaken, the other is crumbling down. One is built on a strong foundation, the other is built on a unstable terrain.

Remember, if it is easy for you to be a full blown boss, you are not a leader.