How solitude fuels success?

I am going to talk about a fact that we keep ignoring these days, it is the one fact that everyone complains about and thinks that it’s the reason of their failures. It is solitude.

Humans have always believed that being alone is a curse and a misfortune, it might be natural because, our instincts always pushes us to be in communities in order to survive and reproduce. As we know, communities will build great things and can preserve its race for generations.

But we never highlight the fact that being alone is required to build a strong personality, it is the blacksmith of your soul and the forger of your will. Being alone, means that you and only you who will face life obstacles and keep going, it implies that you’ll have to stand still when your surroundings are shaking and it definitely infers to learning the most valuable lessons that will leave a scar that can never be forgotten.

In order to become autonomous, you should rely on yourself. To learn how to deal with pain you must experience it at hands. To accept failure and move on is part of the contract with life itself, you should never expect someone else to endure your hardships, it is only you who must endure them and sort things out.

It’s not that letting people in your life will make you weak, but relying on others to fix your own issues is not something that will help you achieve your goals.

If you think life is hard, you should consider the fact that at this moment it is, but not later. Like any other living being, dealing with something the first time will not be easy and we shouldn’t expect that it would be neither be sure not to fail, but we should definitely stick to the plan and not give up.

It’s good to have company in your life, and i would encourage every person to have people around them, people they can rely on in the times of need. It’s better to be with a good company than a transient one. Seek meaningful and fertile relationships, which will help you blossom and reach your real potential.

But never forget to never give up and believe in what you have. Life was not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be hard and it will definitely hard. After the dark comes light.

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