It has always been a difficult problem to solve nor understand, the fact that we keep collecting things and desiring more, then when we get what we wanted we suddenly feel overwhelmed, like if a burden added up and we can’t keep up with it if we continue with the current pace.

If you never felt that, probably you’re already a minimalist or you weren’t aware of it, but believe me, everyone one of us have felt it or will feel it sometime in our life. There is nothing wrong with owning things, but as you know, greed is part of the human nature, because it derives from our reward system, The more you get, the better the reward and so on.

Have we ever thought of what to do with the stuff that we own and the people that we have around. We have obligation towards the people we are in relationship with and toward our pets. We also have to take care of the stuff that we own, otherwise, it’ll either decay or break. Technically, everything that we desire has a price, either we commit and acknowledge the fact that it’ll come with a responsibility or it’s better to avoid getting it.

Relationships must be segregated from items, because they require an extensive investment in terms of time, communication and behavior. Dealing with another human is very special and cannot be generalized nor synthesized into a method, but as far as we know, there are some basic facts that must be checked. Depending on the relationship type, you will have to invest more or less.

Being a minimalist, means you must focus on reducing your intersecting scope as much as possible either by decreasing the number of items you possess and/or limit your deep relationships to few worthy people.

If you heard about sugar detox, then you definitely know that it purges some greediness, same thing can be achieved using minimalism. Having a smaller scope, means less thinking which means less stress, thus, leading a happy and active life.

Why own 5 empty houses while you can a beautiful one? Why spend 80 hours a week at work, to save money that you’ll end up spending anyway on your health as a consequence of not giving your body what it requires? Why date multiple girls while you can date only one or none and be happy? Why own every shoe and clothing you see, while you can have a set of beautiful and clean clothes that would make you look elegant depending on the occasion?Why own multiple phones, while you only need one?…And the list goes on and on. I am not trying to say that you can’t do that, but always think again before doing something, because there is always a passive cost that you’ll have to deal with later and a side-effect that you can never underestimate which is “GREED”.

Myself, i am not a minimalist, but in a way i do actually use these facts to try to be balanced and reward myself from time to time. But never let greed guide you, because it can ruin your life. Don’t confuse ambition with greed, because they are different, ambition is needed to live, without it everything will be boring and you’ll have no motivation to do anything. While greed, will try to steer you away from your path towards your goal by tricking you into believing that it’s the best choice, ambition will always keep you going straight ahead at a healthy pace and will guarantee the arrival to the desired destination.

I am no expert, i am sharing my thoughts in this late night article by listening to an amazing piece by Hans Zimmer.

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