The Story: Doing it the hard way

If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.

Louis D. Brandeis

There is a time when we desire to try something new, and I guess after trying so many things with the software, it is time to try to mix between the physical and virtual parts.

This was possible after I bought my second bike in 2013 and I wanted to design a system for it so I began exploring the embedded systems field. I always dreamt to design things like Jimmy Neutron did, I wanted to design my smartwatch, my lab… And I guess that this was my ultimate opportunity to prove that, so I started looking at ways to implement my personal smart bike system.

I came across the micro-controllers world (PIC, ATMEGA…) so I focused on building a board from scratch, I picked ATMEGA328P because it was available in Tunis and there were a lot of resources supporting it.

The system that I wanted to design was a smart bike, that had a speedometer that uses the magnetic switch to calculate speed, it controls the lighting system of the bike, all information is centralized on a phone screen, the bike calculates the brake distance and alerts you, it also has a log and music player.

I designed the circuit with ISIS Proteus 7 and i coded the firmware with ATMEL Studio. the code for project is available here.

Boot screen
Main Screen
Early failures

Unfortunately, I couldn’t implement the system because I lacked the hardware and the budget to make it happen, so I managed to make a basic one.

Failure should always push you rather than stop you.

To be continued…

.NET Developer/Junior DevOps/Junior CTO/Experienced C# developer (

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