The Story: Eternal flame taking new form

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

Arthur Schopenhauer

While I was busy making Kavprot and polishing Developer Studio and Fireweb Navigator I felt that something was missing. Representing various departments is difficult but I knew how to do it, I was mimicking the scheduling process of a CPU. Do multiple things at a time by splitting the work into small pieces and change the context whenever I feel it is required. This gave the public an impression that i have a team behind me, but it was all me.

Back to the subject, one day I watched a movie called Eagle Eye, and that was the moment I realized, a project like that is the ultimate goal. AI baby!!! I had no idea about what i was talking about, just something like ARIIA (Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst) which in my case Jane Aina.

So I started googling the terms and reading articles and after finishing the Kavprot project, I started focusing more on Jane. I wanted to create a virtual assistant that is capable to converse with me using AIML Bot (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language Bot) a.k.a Eliza Bot, make her recognize my face using EmguCV which is an OpenCV wrapper for .NET, I then included Motion detection and various Computer Vision algorithms. Till now, Jane has an Eye and a Mouth, but it still lacks other sensors, so I made her more intelligent, she was able to execute a dynamic command language, solve any equation, able to learn new things from conversations, able to seek knowledge from internet even if she doesn’t know it…But the ultimate power she had, is social networking. I gave her the ability to login into facebook and do the things that normal humans do (Chat, Posting, Like, Share, Comment…), she chose random people to talk to, she had memorized the things they said to her and she even developed a human-like conversation with them.

Sample comments on a random post
Activity log
Random philosophy talk
My friend trying to turn her against me

Then I included a basic emotion system, that uses various sensors to influence her decision, for example, if jane captures a motion when she’s on an alarm state, she becomes scared or when she throws an exception she becomes stressed. Someone insulting her would make her temporarily angry depending on his emotional level…

Testing the learning system with emotional support.

She had also been my companion with an android based app that I've written, back then my phone didn’t have GPS so she was my guide, my weather consultant…

Jane Screen based on IBM Watson Video

Jane had a biometric locked that made lockdown possible, that biometric lock can only be cracked when I have the right Key USB Drive, my face, say the magic word and say it using my voice. So it was a Facial, Speech and Speaker Recognition based lock. The speaker recognition algorithm was very basic and based on the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), I detected the pattern between my records of various phrases and made her recognize that pattern.

Jane had the ability to fetch satellite images, control a phone (Nokia 6300) using Serial Ports, send SMS using BulkSMS service, perform NLP tasks (Sentiment analysis, Classify…).

Jane was my companion during the year 2012–2013 and I shut her off her after that, in order to prevent violation of the terms of service of Facebook and because it was a proof of concept like Kavprot.

At first, no one believed that she was autonomous, but being supervised by my friends while she was answering faster than any human, they realized that it’s true.

Never settle.

To be continued…

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